Picnic of Kindness

On September 29, 2021, we organized together an event called the Picnic of Kindness.

The name is not accidental. We believe that in the world full of volatility and unpredictability in which we currently live, there is way too much stress, and it does not have a positive effect on our health and resilience, or on the effectiveness of achieving business goals.

We told ourselves: the more kindness – the less stress and so for a few weeks we were preparing a Picnic. On Wednesday, September 29, we met at the Zalew in Kryspinów. We came with our ideas for various games. Really tasty food and great weather were waiting for us.

The scenario for the day was simple. We divided into 9 teams. Each team organized a game for the others. At the end of the day we voted by giving any amount of money for the game we liked the most. In this way, we collected a significant amount of money, which was doubled by Omega. The total sum was donated to charity that we all agreed for.

In this way, we created an opportunity for our fun to be help for those who need it. We collected over 4,000 PLN for Adam Wolnicki from Aleksandrowice, who we support in his struggle against leukemia. Also several boxes of hygiene products were donated to refugees in cooperation with the Salvation Foundation.

We also announced October to be the month of kindness in our Company. If you want to see the way we had fun check the pictures below.

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