Our harnesses as art at The Battery Show Europe 2022

This year, just like the year before, we are going to Europe’s largest trade fair and conference for advanced battery manufacturing and H/EV technology. We are referring to The Battery Show Europe at Stuttgart (June 28-30, 2022) – an event that draws together worldwide attendees who all share the goal of transforming e-mobility.

Battery Show Baner

Transformation is a notion we truly understand here in Omega. From the previous event, our stand went through a profound makeover. So far, we have focused on presenting our harnesses and getting in touch with potential Clients using default solutions. Our idea for this year is to show the real potential of our company – as a professional, incessantly growing partner who is the best possible choice.

For this purpose, we have reached our origins. On the one hand, we refer to the symbolism of the Omega letter, which denotes a closure in the Greek alphabet. It is our way to communicate: your search [for the perfect supplier] ends here, as we are Omega. On the other hand, in the center of our stand, we locate harnesses – the core of our production.

Yet, a harness is not just a simple bundle of wires. This time harness is art. Unique, chosen amongst others, individually exposed, suspended in space, and lit up like an art installation. Harmoniously put, in a non-random way, with attention to detail. Its complexity and precision are in focus. Because that is the message we want to convey to our Clients – that we have the capabilities to create the offer fully customized to their needs, even the most complex ones. And that this offer includes quality, seen with the naked eye, and speaking for itself.

If you feel intrigued by this description or are just curious about our company, we invite you to approach us at The Battery Show. You can find us at booth 10-E54. More information is here.

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