For customers

See what we can do for you

If you have a ready design and are looking for a new supplier, or would like to check out an alternative offer, we can provide:

  • support with starting production and optimizing the supply chain,
  • shorter delivery dates,
  • faultless quality and cost-cutting,
  • product re-engineering.

If you are launching a new project:

  • We will give you a quote on a wire harness – we always look for the solutions that benefit you the most, assuming that quality comes first and savings are a norm;
  • We will look for possible savings at
    – the design stage of the harness (if you order the design from us)
    – the selection of components (if you’re sending your own design)
    – the prototype stage – we verify the compliance of your designs
    – serial production stage – by introducing automated solutions
  • We ensure quality at every stage of production design and manufacturing of the wire harness;
  • We guarantee support for your supply chain;
  • We act as an external R&D for our client companies.

Quality is the reference point at every stage of our works, we continuously work to improve it, this is self-evident in our flexibility and friendly service.

Would you like to learn about our leading technologies?

Wire harnesses

Our offer includes the manufacturing of wire harnesses, both, simple solutions comprising single cables and multi-cable arrangements for installation on dedicated panels

Low pressure injection molding

Our machine park includes low pressure injection molding machines and resin casting stations

Cabinets and equipment

We offer the installation of complete control cabinets and electrical equipment

Manufacturing lines

Our in-house R&D builds dedicated manufacturing lines and machines to improve the assembly processes and guarantee top quality and productivity.

See the video showcasing the manufacturing capacity of our facility