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We operate on a dynamically growing market with the number of customers growing every day, and their requirements changing constantly. For thirty years we have been delivering electronic components to the market, specializing in electrical harnesses, delivered to customers all over the world.

We are constantly developing – since 2000, our manufacturing has grown by 20% each year, 60% of which is sent to foreign markets. We operate in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and we possess certification by IPC and UL.

Omega is the perfect place for you, if you want quick development, to learn new skills and to face challenges. We observe the very same trend in all our client industries – the customer demands more from their suppliers: quality, availability, timely delivery, flexibility.

In order to meet and even surpass the requirements of our customers, we have assumed the principle of continuous development of each individual and the company as our standard:

  • We learn to treat each other as partners;
  • We learn to handle our supervisors like our customers, we provide them with services;
  • We learn to operate within a matrix, many of us are part of multiple project groups at one time;
  • We learn to operate as one team, 200-strong, and practice the values that we preach.

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Internship offers

If you wish to learn about the peculiarities of the wire harness market and its challenges which make us grow, try our internships. You can choose between internships for students or for graduates. We have interesting programs and supervisors waiting just for you!

Job offers

Check our current openings with active recruitment. If you see yourself on our team, send us your CV. Learn as much as you can about our company so that we can discuss the reasons why you’re applying to work with us!

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Perhaps you like Omega because we manufacture wire harnesses, or someone recommended us as a team of interesting people? Maybe you passed our office on your bike and liked the umbrellas on the lawn? Even if we don’t have any open jobs at the moment, send us your CV and present your offer!

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We guarantee development, if it is important to you – our standards are high and our customers keep it go even higher. Development aside, we offer several, more materially inclined benefits. See if these are important to you.

For CV, internship and jobs, contact hr@zeomega.pl