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At the Omega Electronics Company, product quality and customer satisfaction come first, and one of the key factors to reaching these goals are our Suppliers. The highest quality of products and services we receive is the result of many years of partnership with familiar Suppliers from markets from all over the world

Building partner relations between companies is presently the main constituent of effective supply chain management, therefore we focus on long-term commitment and bilateral involvement in the implemented projects. Since our customer base is constantly growing, so does our demand for your products.

Our Suppliers include companies providing a broad selection of electronic components such as wiring, terminals, couplings, enclosures, passive devices and power supply and control units as well as numerous custom components.

When seeking new sources for purchase, we focus on business partners whose vision, mission statement and goals are identical to ours, with experience and a drive for innovation which allows for the building of a strategic relationship with a strong market position.

We ask our Suppliers to deliver the highest quality of goods, to maintain stock availability, flexibility and short delivery times as well as to take the initiative in joint projects in line with the principles of global responsibility and business ethics.

What do we buy?

Cables and wires

Single-core wires, multi-core wires, spiral wires, automotive cabling, control wires, power engineering cables, telecommunication cables, special-grade and many more.

Misc. components

Plugs, connectors, terminals, enclosures, passive devices, electronic modules, thermostats, sensors, diodes, switches, tags, labels.

Custom orders

Components made on special order – metal sheets, rails, sleeves, enclosures, seals, boxes, plastics, PCBs.

Machines and tools

Tools for the cutting, insulating and crimping of cables, applicators, injection molds, soldering equipment, measuring and laboratory-grade instrumentation.

Join us

Our cable harnesses include products by such brands as: Tyco Electronics, Molex, JST, Delphi, Bosch, Wago, Weidmuller, Phoenix, Wurth, Stocko, Inarca, Helukabel, LappKabel, Telefonika, Belden, Alpha-Wire, Omerin, Harting, Hellermann, Henkel, Omron, Panduit, Legrand, Souriau, 3M, Epcos, Vishay, Amphenol, Schaltbau and many more.


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Please include the full set of documents, filled out and signed with your partnership offer, to be sent to: purchasing@zeomega.pl